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The initial step in the treatment of an allergy is an accurate diagnosis by an allergist or immunologist. It involves deciding whether the patient’s symptoms are caused by an allergy and, if so, determining what triggers the allergy as accurately as possible. The resulting diagnosis will target the appropriate treatment or clinical intervention to allow avoidance of the allergic trigger which will help to eliminate or minimize symptoms.

An accurate diagnosis is obtained using a combination of approaches and tests that can include skin-pricks and blood tests to identify and confirm a diagnosis.

The initial step in the treatment of an allergy is an accurate diagnosis by our board certified immunologist. At our Allergy Center we test for seasonal and environmental allergens. Many allergens have cross reactions, which means if you are allergic to one type of grass, you are typically allergic to another. For this reason, we test for the main 22 allergens instead of charging our patients for unnecessary tests. Treatment covers all cross allergens so our patients are covered, without the extra costs. We tailor our testing to our patients. We will discuss your desired treatment and perform the appropriate type of allergy test for you. Not all treatments quire needles, so testing shouldn’t either.

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SLIT treatment is a drop taken under the tongue to treat seasonal and environmental allergies. SLIT is a good fit for patients who are over 18, who would rather avoid needles, and want to minimize office visits. SLIT can be a great option for self pay patients who find it more cost effective than other treatments. Patients can pick up their drops every 10 weeks, but are only required to be seen by our provider every 6 months.

For patients 5 and older, traditional immunotherapy might be a good option to treat their allergies. Quick absorption gives relief faster and with injections only once per week, it can be beneficial to patients who don’t want to take medication every day. Some insurance companies cover shots at a low copay so this may be a good option for patients who are concerned with price.

Oral tablets are a great option for busy patients who don’t mind taking a tablet every day and don’t have time to come into the office regularly. Oral tablets are often covered by insurance, and additional copay assistance may be available.Treatment takes 3-5 years, and will resolve symptoms for 10-15 years.

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