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ENT Office in Coastal Georgia

At Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat we strive to provide the best ear, nose and throat care for the whole family. Our specialized training, cutting edge technology, and patient-first care are why we are consistently named the best ENT practice in Savannah. Our office features in house diagnostics including sleep studies, balance testing, hearing evaluations, and allergy testing.

Winner Savannah Magazine’s Best Of & Best Of The Best: Coastal Empire

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What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Oct 3, 2019

Coastal ENT and specifically Karla McKenzie truly changed my life. I had purchased hearing aids from another provider two years ago and had never been able to wear them successfully. My daughter( who I’m sure was tried of my not hearing properly) suggested I see Dr. Oliver at Coastal. He was very supportive in my need for help and sent me next door to Karla. I expected to learn that I needed to purchase another pair of hearing aids ( I had spent over $6,000 on the ones I could not wear) instead she suggested another plan. She took molds of my ear canals and sent those off with the ear pieces of my hearing aids. The company remade the ear pieces and I now have comfortable hearing aids that I can wear and I am hearing sounds I had not heard for years! Karla also spent a lot of time helping me learn to program my I Phone to work with the hearing aids. She could not have been more helpful or kind. I am so thankful for all the help Coastal ENT provided and I highly recommend them to anyone with hearing issues. It changed my life, it could change yours... Toni Rideout
5 Stars

Aug 18, 2019

Dr. Oliver is beyond amazing! He and his staff are true professionals. He did a wonderful job on my Septoplasty and did exactly everything I wanted. I’ve never had a doctor that cared so much about his patients! & I can finally breathe again!!! He is a very nice man and I appreciate him so much. So glad I chose him to be my surgeon!!
5 Stars

Jul 21, 2019

We took my son (8 yo) to Dr Oliver after he got hit in the nose with a ball one day at baseball practice. We thought he’d broke his nose. All was well there, but Dr. Oliver noticed his breathing, took a look in his mouth and noticed his tonsils were very large. He recommended we have them and his adenoids removed. We decided to go for it. He had his surgery July 3rd. Recovery was rough (as anticipated because he had such large tonsils), but Dr. Oliver and his staff were Johnny on the spot with any issues we had. We are almost 4 weeks post op and my son is a whole new boy!! He wakes up so much happier, he is all smiles... he feels so much better than he did before! Thank you Dr. Oliver and your team for noticing something so small as to how he was breathing that turned into something that has turned his world around and made him feel so wonderful!
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