In-Office CT Imaging in Savannah and Pooler, GA

Sinus and Temporal Bone Imaging

The highly trained ENT Specialists at Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat offer in-office CT imaging at our Savannah office to conveniently provide the highest quality images of your sinuses and temporal bones with very little radiation and in the comfort of our office. Call (912) 355-2335  to request an appointment at our ENT office in Savannah, GA today!

What is a CT Scanner?

The Morita Accuitomo in-office CT scanner from Tungsten Medical Network is Morita’s most advanced cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. Since the Morita CT scanner is compact, you can get your scan right in the office, often without the need for an additional follow-up appointment.  Our ENT specialists can make a quick and accurate diagnosis having all of the necessary imaging data available immediately.

The best part about the Morita CT scanner is its ability to reduce a patient’s unnecessary exposure to radiation. During a standard 18-second exposure, this scanner exposes patients to as little as one-seventh the amount of X-rays as a conventional CT scan.

The Morita Accuitomo in-office CT scanner

CT scan of the sinus


CT scan of the temporal bone


What Happens During a CBCT Scan?

The Morita CT scanner minimizes radiation without compromising image quality. Patients sit comfortably in an open and upright position while the scanner makes a single 360 rotation around your head.  The images that are produced are extremely clear and precise, making diagnosis of your unique symptoms possible. Directly after your CT scan, your physician will review your results with you and discuss any findings. We are proud to offer same-day scans and results to patients throughout the Savannah area to help ensure quick diagnosis.

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Coastal Ear, Nose, & Throat is excited to be one of the only practices in the Savannah and Pooler area to invest in this new technology. We are proud to offer our patients the convenience of in-office diagnostics while leveraging state-of-the-art technology. Call (912) 355-2335 to request an appointment today!