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Coastal ENT specializes in conditions of the sinuses, such as allergies, deviated septums, and sinusitis. We partner with companies such as Watermark, Encore and Siesta Medical to diagnose and treat these conditions. Call us at (912) 355-2335 for more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Oliver.

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Sinus infections are considered “recurrent” when they happen 3 or more times in a year. Our specialists will develop a treatment plan to treat your sinus infection and help reduce your risk of sinus infections in the future.

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Sinus Surgery is one of the most common operations performed by Dr. Oliver at his offices in Savannah and Pooler. After careful evaluation, he will review with you whether this procedure is the appropriate procedure to open possible sinus obstructions. Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive, patient-centered evaluation and treatment for all sinus problems including chronic sinusitis.

Balloon Sinuplasty™ is a minimally invasive surgical option for the treatment of sinusitis. It is clinically proven to be effective, safe, long lasting and improve quality of life for patients near Savannah and Pooler. Since its introduction, the Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology has made a significant impact on the way ENT physicians like Dr. Oliver treat patients, improving their quality of life. For more information about sinus surgery or to schedule a consultation appointment with our sinus surgeon, call our office in Savannah at (912) 355-2335.

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PROPEL® represents a medical breakthrough clinically proven to improve the results of sinus surgery.1

PROPEL® is the first and only device clinically shown to keep the sinuses open after surgery, precisely deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinuses, and then dissolve.

The innovative sinus stent decreases post-operative scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as  oral steroids1 and their potential side effects.

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Nasal obstruction is a blockage of the nasal cavity, and can be caused by a wide variety of problems, including:

  • Inferior turbinate hypertrophy
  • Deviated septum
  • Swelling of the lining of the nose from allergies
  • Pyriform aperture stenosis
  • Foreign bodies in the nose
  • Large adenoids
  • Choanal atresia

Our expert physicians will do an exam to determine the cause of the obstruction and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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Nasal polyps are benign tumors that grow in your nasal passages. They are often a side effect of another health condition like allergies or an infection.

If the polyps grow large enough, they can cause a blockage in your airways.

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While most nosebleeds can be treated at home, there are times when further treatment is required. Our ENT experts will assess the cause of your nosebleeds and discuss your treatment options.

At Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat we provide functional, cosmetic surgery. Our goal is to not only restore your nose to it’s proper function, but to restore your confidence as well.

Although a deviated septum is a condition affecting millions of people across the US, it can be treated to provide permanent relief to those that suffer from it. A septoplasty is a surgical procedure to straighten a deviated septum, ridding the patient of symptoms such as nosebleeds, nasal congestion, facial pain and more. As board certified physicians who has delivered hundreds of septoplasty surgeries, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Navare are reported by his patients to deliver the best deviated septum surgery the Savannah area has available.

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The highly trained ENT Specialists at Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat offer in-office CT imaging to conveniently provide the highest quality images of your sinuses and temporal bones with very little radiation and in the comfort of our office.

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