Throat & Voice Conditions and Treatments in Savannah, GA

Coastal ENT specializes in conditions of the throat and voice such as vocal nodules, dysphagia, and infections of the tonsils or adenoids. We partner with companies such as Watermark, Encore and Siesta Medical to diagnose and treat these conditions. Call us at (912) 355-2335 for more information or to make an appointment with one of our exceptional providers.

Common Surgeries

Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

If the tonsils or adenoids become dangerously large due to an infection, they may require removal via a surgical procedure. A tonsillectomy will be performed to remove the tonsils and an adenoidectomy will be done to remove the adenoids.

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Other Throat & Voice Conditions

Vocal Nodules

Repeated strain on the vocal chords, usually by speaking too loudly, can lead to a condition known as vocal nodules, or nodes. These nodules can make it difficult to speak, as the natural movement of your vocal folds is disrupted by these small formations of tissue.

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Dysphagia is an esophageal condition that makes the simple act of swallowing incredibly difficult. Treatment methods for dysphagia depend primarily upon the particular type of dysphagia that the patient has been diagnosed with.

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