FYZICAL® Center in Savannah, Georgia

The Coastal ENT office in Savannah, Georgia, not only offers a wide array of services pertaining to conditions of the ear, nose, and throat, but also a center which specializes in Dizziness and Fall Prevention. Our FYZICAL® Therapy and Balance Center is a natural extension of our expertise as otolaryngologists (ENT’s) in treating the ear, hearing loss, and balance problems.  Our expertly trained vestibular physical therapists, working in our state-of-the-art balance center, are ready to help you regain the sense of balance you may be missing. For many older patients, a fall is the first step toward losing their independence. For many younger patients in their 50’s and 60’s, losing balance is the first step to being unable to do the things they love, like biking, skiing, running, playing tennis or golf, or even standing on one leg to put on a pair of pants or socks. Come into our office and see one of our physicians who will screen you for possible balance problems. Balance disorders are much more common than you think.

FYZICAL® Savannah has diagnostic and treatment options not seen in even the most sophisticated physical therapy practices:

  • The proprietary SOS (safety overhead support) system helps patients feel more confident and safe during balance rehabilitation.
  • The Bertec CDP (computerized dynamic posturography) system uses virtual reality to determine which activities are most likely to cause you to fall. It then assists our balance physical therapist with determining how best to improve your balance with physical therapy. Retesting shows objective measures of improvement.

So while your orthopedic surgeon may offer physical therapy to help you rehabilitate you broken hip, we can help you avoid fracturing your hip in the first place. We strongly believe in this type of preventive health.

How do you know if you have a balance problem? Make an appointment with one of our physicians and we will do testing to screen for balance issues. Identifying fall risk through simple screening testing is good medicine.


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