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Why You Have Seasonal Allergies

Like we don’t have enough to contend with right now, we are in the middle of spring and summer allergy time. That’s the itchy watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, and runny nose seasonal allergies to be precise. If you have suffered with this before, or maybe you are a newbie to this nuisance, we can summarize why you have seasonal allergies and what to do about it.

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How to Preserve and Protect Your Hearing As You Grow Older

If you have ever attended a large rock concert, you know how it affects your hearing. You probably enjoyed the music, but it takes a while to recover your normal hearing. That should be your first clue. High volume is detrimental to your hearing. If you are around loud music, machinery, or excessive environmental noises for any length of time, you are doing damage to your hearing no matter your age. Let’s consider how to preserve and protect your hearing as you grow older.

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How to Get Rid of Recurring Sinus Infections

If you have ever had a sinus infection, you vividly remember the pressure and pain in your eyes and forehead. It becomes so bad you can’t focus on anything, and all you want to do is close your eyes and sleep. Forget about trying to work or do anything normal. What could be worse than that? Worse is when you finally get relief and several weeks later, it’s back! It’s a common problem to suffer from these infections multiple times a year. Let’s look at how to get rid of recurring sinus infections.

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Signs Your Child May Need Ear Tubes

If there are any signs your child may need ear tubes, they certainly won’t be alone. Ear tube surgery, also known as tympanostomy, is the most common childhood surgery performed in the United States each year. It is typically performed by an otolaryngologist (ENT) like Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat in Savannah. Let’s look at the reasons ear tubes may be needed.

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

You may already know that among the many issues that can cause hearing loss, getting older is significant, it can be genetic and run in families, or it can occur if you are commonly around very loud noises. You might be surprised to learn about the connection between diabetes and hearing loss. We will explain.

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Voted Best of Savannah for 10 Years

Coastal Ear, Nose, & Throat is honored to have been named Best of Savannah for 10 years running.

Dr. Oliver would like to thank all of our amazing patients for their continued support and for voting him as the best otolaryngologist for the past 10 years. He loves and cares for each and every one of his patients! Thank you for trusting us with all of your ENT needs!

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The Difference Between Buying a Hearing Aid From an Audiologist vs. Drug Store

When a person finally accepts that their hearing loss is affecting their everyday life including their work environment, personal relationships, and self esteem, it is crucial that they choose the right kind. The difference between buying a hearing aid from an audiologist vs. drug store can leave someone unsure. Let us help you sift through all the information.

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