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Painful Swallowing: Should I See An ENT Specialist?

Most of us have had an instance where it hurt to swallow. Our mothers used to say it happens when something goes down the “wrong pipe”. We accepted that when we were children, but as adults, we want to know exactly why it happens. Does it happen once and then go away? Or does it linger? Let’s look at painful swallowing and when to see an ENT specialist.

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Your Guide To Managing Hearing Loss

Many audiologists will tell you stories of patients who took years to finally admit they had a hearing issue. When they finally got hearing aids, their entire life changed for the better. 30 million people in the United States have some degree of hearing loss. Knowing you are not alone can be the first step to acknowledging your own hearing issues and taking action. What follows is your guide to managing hearing loss.

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How Changes In The Weather Are Impacting Your Allergies

Did you have an Auntie Jane who always knew a storm was coming because her big toe would throb? Maybe you didn’t have an Auntie Jane, but it’s true that changes in the weather can affect many things including your allergies. Your auntie was alerted and could take steps to prepare for the storm just as you can with weather changes. Learn how changes in the weather are impacting your allergies, and what you can do to mitigate the symptoms.

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What Does A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Mean For Me?

You have heard all about sleep apnea, but never thought you could have it. After your partner got frustrated listening to you snore all night and hearing you wake up multiple times, you finally got evaluated. You were told you have sleep apnea and have been living with it for a while. Should you be worried? What does a sleep apnea diagnosis mean for me?

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Causes of a Frequent Hoarse Voice

If you woke up with a hoarse voice, it wouldn’t be quite as tragic as if it happened to Adele or Lady Gaga, but it still would be problematic. If this seems to happen to you often, you want to know the causes and what you can do to banish it from your life. If you have a job where you must do a lot of talking, it is imperative to find a solution. Let’s learn about the causes of a frequent hoarse voice and what to do about it.

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Should I Get My Tonsils Removed

Did you know you really don’t need your tonsils? Most people find that fact astonishing. While the tonsils do have a function of protecting you from infections, many times the exact opposite occurs including sore throats, recurrent tonsillitis, and strep throat. If you are suffering from multiple throat infections, you may be asking, should I get my tonsils removed?

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