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Painful Swallowing: Should I See An ENT Specialist?

Most of us have had an instance where it hurt to swallow. Our mothers used to say it happens when something goes down the “wrong pipe”. We accepted that when we were children, but as adults, we want to know exactly why it happens. Does it happen once and then go away? Or does it linger? Let’s look at painful swallowing and when to see an ENT specialist.

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Causes of a Frequent Hoarse Voice

If you woke up with a hoarse voice, it wouldn’t be quite as tragic as if it happened to Adele or Lady Gaga, but it still would be problematic. If this seems to happen to you often, you want to know the causes and what you can do to banish it from your life. If you have a job where you must do a lot of talking, it is imperative to find a solution. Let’s learn about the causes of a frequent hoarse voice and what to do about it.

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8 Techniques To Help Prevent Vocal Health Problems

We’re sure that the tenor Pavarotti knew exactly how to protect his voice and vocal cords as do Celine Dion and Lady Gaga today. Most of us normal folks don’t sing for a living or pay so much attention to our voices, although we should. Nevertheless, we normal folks do talk to communicate, so let’s look at 8 techniques to help prevent vocal health problems.

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