Should I Use Q-Tips to Clean My Ears?

I’m sure everyone has been told to be careful about sticking Q-Tips too far in their ears. However, it may be a good idea to forgo the use of Q-Tips for cleaning ears all together.

should I clean my ears with q-tipsWhy Shouldn’t I Use a Q-Tip to Clean My Ears?

There are many reasons you shouldn’t use Q-Tips to clean your ears, including:

  • Ears are self-cleaning.
  • The wax is a natural antibiotic that coats the ear canal and protects it against infection.
  • Using a Q-Tip can also puncture the ear drum, which can result in surgery.
  • If you touch the ear drum, you also put pressure on the hammer, anvil and stirrup underneath.
  • Putting too much pressure on these small bones can cause issues with hearing and balance.

What Are My Options for Cleaning Ears?

  1. Over the counter ear drops
  2. Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide
  3. Have an ENT clean out your ears professionally

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