Fungal Sinusitis: 5 Things You Should Know

We see advertisements all the time for mold and fungus removal from our homes. It can be dangerous to our health and cause allergies which can make life sub-optimal. Rain, humid weather, and anything moist creates mold and fungus. It is everywhere. Fungal sinusitis: 5 things you should know.

woman with sinus pressure.

There Are 100,000 Species of Fungi

That quantity provides ample opportunities to cause you trouble. Mold, yeast, and mildew are but some types of fungi. The large mushrooms you see in your yard plus others that can only be seen with a microscope are all fungi. They are all living organisms and can invade our bodies in multiple ways.

Common infections develop like vaginal yeast infections caused by candida, toenail fungus, and thrush, a fungal infection of the mouth. Although these are easy to control, other types like infections in the sinus cavity can become dangerous to our health if not treated appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Symptoms of Fungal Sinusitis

When fungi invade our sinuses and we develop fungal sinusitis, the symptoms are quite similar to regular sinusitis at first. You will experience fever, decreased sense of smell, a bad smell IN the nose, inflammation and swelling of the nose, nasal congestion, pain and tenderness in the sinus area, and a headache.

Patients with a compromised immune system can have more serious symptoms including neurological changes, facial numbness, severe swelling, vision changes including vision loss and possible blindness. Protruding eyeballs is another dangerous symptom.

There Is An Increase In Fungal Sinusitis

These infections seem to be steadily rising. It could be due to the amount of antibiotics prescribed and the increase in resistance. In addition, having fungal sinusitis affects your immune system, and thirdly, how often immunosuppressant drugs are being prescribed.

Treatments For Fungal Sinusitis Are Varied

Treatments can include the following:

  • An antifungal medication
  • A corticosteroid medication since steroids can help to reduce the inflammation and reduce pressure
  • Nasal washes performed by Coastal ENT can help remove crusts of mucus and wash out the sinuses.
  • Surgery can be done traditionally or via endoscopy to remove the fungus and damaged tissue

Fungal Sinusitis Can Recur

Unfortunately, once you have had this infection, many patients experience recurrence. This can become a chronic condition, so don’t delay seeking medical care.

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