When Do You Need Sinus Surgery?

More often than not, sinusitis is treated with medicines and a variety of home treatment methods. Some of the medicines used to minimize sinusitis symptoms include:

  • sinus condition treatmentAntibiotics
  • Decongestants
  • Mucolytics, which thin the mucus

How Do I Know If I Need Sinus Surgery?

If you’ve tried different medications and treatment options for a few months and sinusitis symptoms don’t improve, it’s considered chronic sinusitis. Very few people need surgery for sinusitis. However, it may be the best option in the following instances:

  • A CT Scan shows nasal or sinus polyps
  • The patient has sinus cancer
  • The patients sinuses have an abnormal structure
  • The sinus infection has spread to the bone

Options for Sinus Surgery

Dr. Oliver at Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat provides in-office Balloon Sinuplasty to patients throughout Savannah, GA.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure provides the following benefits to patients suffering from chronic sinusitis:

  • Patients are anesthetized with local anesthetics as opposed to general anesthesia
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Proven successful outcomes
  • More cost-effective due to avoiding facility fees and anesthesia

Call (912) 355-2335 to find out if you’re a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty.